About LeanThink Software

About LeanThink Software

LeanThink Software was developed with the goal of driving better business decisions about strategy and execution at all levels of lean organizations.

LeanThink Software uses verifiable operational and financial information that represents valid relationships between the information and actual events and activities. The reliability of this information allows users to depend on the information to represent the economic conditions or events it purports to represent.

LeanThink Software information is timely, which allows decision makers to use LeanThink analyses to influence decisions when they must be made. Because LeanThink Software information is relevant, it improves decision makers’ capabilities to predict or forecast outcomes and provide feedback on earlier expectations.

LeanThink Software is designed to facilitate integrated organizational thinking by providing the right information to the right people at the right time from executives wanting measurable insight into the progress of its lean strategy to the continuous improvement team measuring the impact of an improvement event.


Coming from backgrounds in lean systems development (Joachim) and lean accounting (Nick), we have known each other since early 2000 when Joachim was Director of Lean Enterprise Development at the University of Kentucky Center for Manufacturing and Nick partnered with the Center to provide lean accounting classes. As lean professionals, we stayed in contact over the years but started to systematically explore common ground after Joachim attended one of Nick’s lean accounting webinars.

Over glasses of tea at a local café (and a few baked treats along the way) we reflected deeply on the many advancements in lean thinking and its application we had witnessed in our client companies. We also realized that significant challenges still persist, especially the absence of a simple method to design and evaluate, prior to implementation, measurably effective interventions to promote organizational transformation. Over the course of a few months, the concept of LeanThink Software emerged.

Our passion is to equip the community of lean practitioners with a software tool that facilitates the alignment of strategic business objectives with reliable and relevant analytical practices, thereby driving better decisions in strategy and execution at all levels of the organization.