About BMA

BMA is the world’s leading lean accounting training and consulting firm. Our comprehensive approach to lean accounting implementation is designed to create a robust, sustainable lean accounting system for any organization wanting a transformation to lean accounting.

Our experience with lean accounting began in the mid-1990’s in an effort to support lean management and lean manufacturing. It began as a method to understand the financial benefits of lean manufacturing (although in those days it was called just-in-time).

BMA, led by founder Brian Maskell, realized it was necessary to develop an accounting, control, and management system for lean organizations that is simple to use, understandable to everybody, timely, practical for financial control and decision-making.

BMA’s lean accounting practices have been developed around the following principles:

  • flexible
  • timely
  • clearly understood by everyone in the company
  • drives increasing customer value
  • provides excellent information for decision-making
  • fully complies with GAAP
  • has rigorous financial and operational controls
  • and frees-up time for the company’s financial controllers and CFO.