Lean Accounting Consulting


BMA’s consulting services offers practical solutions for businesses interested in implementing Lean Accounting and Lean Management practices. Our consulting approach is to facilitate kaizen events, leading a team through the process of achieving specific outcomes while providing them with the skills, experience and tools necessary to continue your company’s Lean transformation.

BMA offers these consulting services on-site, remotely via the web, or through a combined on-site/web-based approach.

Lean Accounting


BMA provides consulting services to facilitate the implementation of a Lean Accounting pilot in one or more of your company’s value streams. In addition to facilitating the pilot, BMA will train and develop your implementation team to provide them with the skills, experience and tools necessary to continue your company’s Lean Accounting transformation plan.

BMA uses a kaizen approach to implement a Lean Accounting pilot. Each kaizen event is typically a 3-day event, and the events are spread out over a 3 to 6-month time frame. A specific Lean Accounting practice is developed at each event. Upon completion of a kaizen event, the implementation team will begin using the Lean Accounting practice they have developed. Lean Accounting practices will be phased in after they are developed at each kaizen event.

BMA customizes each company’s Lean Accounting implementation pilot based on the practices you want piloted, your time frame, and your budget.

Lean Accounting Pilot Kaizen Events

Event 1: Lean Accounting Assessment

On Day 1, BMA will visit and conduct a detailed assessment of the current state of your Lean transformation plan, management accounting system, and financial management practices. On Days 2 & 3, BMA will present our standard two-day Practicing Lean Accounting class, which will include the results of our assessment.

Event 2: Value Stream Identification & Organization (optional)

If your company is early in its Lean journey, you may not yet have identified your value streams. If this is the case, we recommend a 3-day kaizen event to complete this essential task for a Lean Accounting transformation plan. In this kaizen, your company will define the operational flows within the company, determine the value stream teams required to support the lean enterprise, and determine the most appropriate organizational structure.

Event 3: Lean Performance Measurements

Using the BMA Linkage Chart process, this kaizen event will develop and implement integrated metrics for daily cell measures, weekly value stream measures, and monthly strategic Lean measures.

Event 4: Value Stream Income Statement & Capacity

In this kaizen event, a value stream income statement will be created for the pilot value stream(s). Value stream capacity will also be calculated using the BMA capacity calculation template.

Event 5: Financial Management Practices using the Box Score

This kaizen event will develop new standard work practices for financial analysis using the Box Score. The implementation team will perform Box Score analysis of actual company business cases related to investment analysis, make/buy decisions, profitability analysis, and measuring the financial impact of continuous improvement to develop new standard work practices.

Advanced Lean Accounting Kaizen Events

Event 6: ERP Simplification & Transaction Elimination

This kaizen event identifies the wasteful transactions in your business operations and systems. The implementation team will develop a maturity path for transforming your current accounting controls into Lean accounting controls. Transaction processing related to production control, purchasing, inventory tracking, work orders, and payables will be improved.

Event 7: Lean Inventory Valuation

In this kaizen event the implementation team will develop simplified inventory valuation methodologies to replace standard costing-based inventory valuation.

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Lean for Accounting and Office Functions


With over 30 years of experience implementing Lean practices in accounting functions and other office processes, BMA can provide consulting services to facilitate your company’s accounting and/or office function Lean transformation.

The goal of our Lean transformation consulting services for accounting and office functions is to train and develop your implementation team to provide them with the skills, experience and tools necessary to continue a Lean transformation.

Our consulting services are customized to meet your specific needs. Here are some of examples of consulting services we can provide for accounting and office functions.

  • Develop lean performance measurements
  • Design & implement visual management practices to manage, control and improve a process
  • Develop standard work for process team to maintain and use visual management boards
  • Value stream mapping
  • Value stream management practices
  • Continuous improvement practices & kaizen
  • Design pull system & implement single piece flow

Accounting – specific consulting services include:

  • Reduce month-end close process time
  • Reduce annual budgeting process time
  • Eliminate waste and create flow in accounting transaction processing, such as payables and receivables

Lean Management


Value Stream Identification & Organization

In this 3-day kaizen event, your company will define the operational flows within the company, determine the value stream teams required to support the Lean enterprise, determine the most appropriate organizational structure, and develop a practical action plan for introducing these value streams. This kaizen event is relevant to any organization in any industry, and to any function within an organization.

Value Stream Management

This 3-day kaizen event is designed to show new value stream managers how to manage, control, and improve their value streams. The event demonstrates how Lean practices and Lean Accounting fit together into a cohesive value stream management system for sustained growth, increased value, waste elimination, and financial success.

Value Stream Mapping

This kaizen event (3-5 days) is designed to teach a team the entire value stream mapping process. In this event, a team will draw a current state value stream map for a specific value stream, learn the standard steps required to build Lean flow into the value stream, design & map the future state, and develop a practical action plan to make the future state a reality.

Lean Strategy Development for Executive Teams

In this 3-day kaizen event, the executive team will develop a plan to implement a comprehensive Lean strategy, which will include:

  • Defining the strategic goals of your company’s Lean transformation
  • Establishing long-term strategic steps for your Lean transformation
  • Defining the operational and financial goals of your Lean transformation
  • Developing the fundamental principles of Lean thinking
  • Developing a Lean culture
  • Defining the role of executive leaders

Lean Product Development and Project Management

This kaizen event (3-5 days) is designed to pilot the Lean transformation process for product development or project management. In this event, the current state will be mapped to identify where waste is occurring. The team will then work to identify how standard Lean practices can be used to make the processes much faster, creating more value, and flawlessly launching the product or product in designing a future state. Flow and pull processes will be created, as well as an improvement plan to achieve the future state. The team will develop a visual management board to measure and manage flow.

Lean Sales, Operations and Financial Planning

Lean organizations are very well planned and have effective sales, operations, and financial planning processes. This 3-5 day kaizen event is designed to bring together the elements of continuous improvement, Lean accounting box scores, and forecasting into a Lean sales, operations and financial planning process which will provide improved demand and capacity forecasting, optimize flow and continuous improvement, and create valid, actionable rolling forecasts.

Lean Strategy Deployment

Lean strategy deployment (also known as Hoshin) starts with the executive team setting the company’s strategy and goals, which is then deployed through each value stream and administrative function across the Lean organization. This 3-day kaizen event is designed to develop actual policy deployment processes for your company, which includes “X-charts”, value streams, cells, and departments using your company’s Lean performance measures, kaizen plan and Lean accounting box scores.