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The Lean CFO: Architect of the Lean Management System 2nd Edition

This book is not about debits, credits, or accounting theory. It’s about how a chief financial officer (CFO) becomes a Lean CFO to lead the transformation of a company’s management
accounting system into a lean management accounting system. 

It’s been well established in lean companies that traditional management accounting systems do not provide relevant and reliable information to decision makers. The CFO, as steward of a
company’s management accounting system, must provide the leadership to improve the quality of the information produced by a company’s management accounting system so it is aligned
with a company’s lean strategy, lean operations, and continuous improvement. 

The integration of a lean management accounting system with a company’s lean strategy will lead to improved decision making by all users and drive long-term financial success. Lean
management accounting helps all users, from executives to line managers, better understand the relationships between lean operating performance and financial performance.
Written in the style of a practice guide, The Lean CFO is written not just for CFOs, but for all stakeholders of a company’s management accounting system, such as executives and owners,
lean leaders, functional managers, and accounting professionals.

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Practicing Lean Accounting

If you want to learn how to build AND sustain lean accounting in your company, this is the book to read. Practicing Lean Accounting explains the true purpose of lean accounting, addresses popular misconceptions about lean accounting and will transform how lean accounting is understood, practiced and used in your company.

Drawing on real-world customer experiences, Nick and Mike take you step-by-step through the practices which must be put in place to drive a successful lean accounting transformation. Whatever lean accounting transformation stage you are in, you will find this book helpful.

Case studies in manufacturing, service, healthcare and non-profits clearly illustrate how lean accounting has been successfully applied in all types of companies and explain the roles company leaders, the accounting team and operational leaders play in making lean accounting successful.

Written in an easy-to-read style with a broad array of readers in mind, this book is perfect for accounting professionals and others who are interested in lean accounting:

  • Business owners and executives
  • Operational leaders and managers
  • Lead leaders in companies
  • Lean consultants
  • CGMAs
  • CPAs in public accounting