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The Lean CFO: Architect of the Lean Management System 1st Edition

This book is not about debits, credits, or accounting theory. Instead, it describes how a chief financial officer (CFO) becomes a Lean CFO by leading a company in developing and deploying a Lean management system. The finance team, business executives, and Lean leaders will all benefit from its forward-thinking improvement approach.

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Practical Lean Accounting: A Proven System for Measuring and Managing the Lean Enterprise, Second Edition

The methods and concepts presented in the bestselling first edition revolutionized the approach to the management and control of Lean companies. Enhanced with extensive end-of-chapter exercises and a CD-ROM with Lean accounting tools, the second edition of this preeminent practitioner’s guide is now suitable for classroom use.

Practical Lean Accounting: A Proven System for Measuring and Managing the Lean Enterprise, Second Edition explains exactly what it takes to transform a traditional accounting system to one that supports and enhances a company’s Lean efforts. Defining the fundamental principles of Lean accounting, it demonstrates how to use them to identify and eliminate wasteful transactions. The book includes coverage of cell performance measurement, use of the box score, operational and financial planning, cost targeting, Lean accounting diagnostics, and value stream mapping. Retaining the easy-to-use format that made the first edition a bestseller, this updated edition includes:

  • A new section on the use of value stream performance measurements in continuous improvement
  • A re-written Target Costing chapter that emphasizes a value-based approach to the management of the Lean value system
  • Lean Accounting Diagnostic tool to help you assess progress and develop a plan for implementing changes
  • Cutting-edge examples that illustrate implementation in accounting departments
  • A CD with data from the ECI Value Stream Cost Analysis case study included in the text, Excel templates, and end-of-chapter questions with solutions

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Leveraging Lean with Lean Quoting

Have you implemented lean within the four walls of your facility and you are wondering “Why don’t the results show up on the P&L statement?” This is a common question within companies early in their lean journey.

You may have realized some minor cost improvements but you are not seeing the large-scale profit improvements. There is a simple reason for that. Your quoting process is keeping you from using that freed up capacity to GROW the business systematically and strategically. The true benefit to the P&L of lean is to allow you to sell more with the same manpower and equipment. This book gives you a clear roadmap to dynamically changing how you quote new business to use that freed up capacity.

Written in a lean A3 methodology, the book discusses the problem, shows how to change your thinking, and details a new process that speeds up your quoting flow time and frees up valuable manpower that can be strategically utilized to grow sales profitably.

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