What Is Lean Accounting?

Lean Accounting is the application of lean thinking to all accounting and finance processes and systems and is an essential component of a successful lean transformation for any organization.


“If you’ve always wondered what Lean Accounting is all about and how to go about using it to benefit your organization, this book is for you!”– Karyn Ross, Author, Artist, Kind Leadership

Lean companies that measure capacity on a regular basis improve the quality of their decision making. With BMA’s Capacity Calculator Excel Templates©, you can now measure capacity to better understand the impact of continuous improvement, the financial benefit of using available capacity and better understand your capacity requirements.

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December 13, 2022, 11:00 am
Becoming a Lean CFO Webinar

Becoming a Lean CFO Webinar

In lean companies, it’s essential that the CFO become a Lean CFO early in the lean management accounting transformation process ...
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December 15, 2022, 11:00 am
2022 Monthly Lean Accounting Community Chat

2022 Monthly Lean Accounting Community Chat

BMA hosts a monthly Lean Accounting Community Chat, which is a place for anyone interested in lean accounting to gather ...
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Satisfied Customers

BMA has been a tremendous help to us. Their experience and knowledge of lean is outstanding, and essential to the success with Lean Accounting. BMA does an excellent job in continuously linking these two together. Lean Accounting does not make sense without lean and vice versa. In facing the complexity of a global business, with numerous plants and divisions, BMA’s insight into systems and IT issues has also been crucial. Discussions tend to accelerate in the wrong direction, especially when it comes to this critical area. These unfruitful discussions disappear as BMA guides the improvement processes with great professionalism

-International Manufacturing Company -

Lean accounting has helped us in decision support. We perform our analysis quicker and justify assumptions as financially beneficial that we used to reject.

-Altra Industrial Motion -

We transitioned to lean accounting to support our lean transformation and it has simplified our ability to understand the results of our actions and allowed us to make better decisions

-Watlow -

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Complete A Lean Accounting Assessment

This valuable assessment tool allows a company to diagnose where it stands with lean accounting. Looking at each of the primary issues of lean accounting, you can assess your company on a scale from traditional to world class.

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