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The Lean CFO:
Architect of the Lean Management System

by Nick Katko



This unique book is not about debits, credits, or accounting theory. Instead, it describes how a chief financial officer (CFO) becomes a Lean CFO by leading a company in developing and deploying a Lean management system.


The finance team, business executives, and Lean leaders will all benefit from its forward-thinking improvement approach.

Explaining why the CFO role is so critical for companies adopting a Lean business strategy, The Lean CFO: Architect of the Lean Management System illustrates the process of building and integrating a Lean management system into the overall Lean business strategy.

It describes why CFOs should move their companies away from performance measures based on traditional manufacturing practices and into a Lean performance measurement system.

In addition, it explains how to integrate a Lean management system with a Lean business strategy to drive financial success.



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The Lean Business
Management System

Lean Accounting: Principles & Practices Toolkit

by Brian H. Maskell and the BMA Team , Brian Maskell Associates, Inc.
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This book is a very handy reference and "how to" book for everyone that is working with or towards a Lean Enterprise. Lots of pictures and examples combined with an excellent organization so that you can find exactly the material you are looking for very rapidly.

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cook book eBook Now Available
Cook Up Some Change:
Kaizen Recipes
for the Lean Office
by Dawn Wands
with Susan Lilly
Foreword by Brian Maskell


Do you need to make progress applying lean in your accounting office, purchasing, and other admin processes, but don't know where to start? If, so, this book is designed for you!


"Cook Up Some Change" gives step-by-step instructions that you can use confidently in these back-office areas, and make big change & improvement.


Just like a real cookbook, the "recipes" in this book explain exactly how to get started with lean kaizen in accounts payable, procurement and receiving. Learn how to use the A3 to plan your project; learn how to pick team members; what to do each day during the kaizen event, and much more.


The author, Dawn Wands, fits the perfect profile for someone who should write a practical, hands-on book about office improvement. She's spent her career doing it.


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January 31, 2013 Statement from the publisher of Practial Lean Accounting:
Unfortunately, during the publishing process mistakes can be made that are not caught before the book is printed. Productivity Press takes great care to catch any errors prior to the printing stage. If any errors are found that have an effect on the understanding of a subject or mathematical equation, we have published them here.
Practical Lean Accounting: A Proven System for Measuring and Managing the Lean Enterprise, Second Edition
by Brian H. Maskell, Brian Maskell Associates, Inc., Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Bruce Baggaley; Larry Grasso, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, USA
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The methods and concepts presented in the bestselling first edition revolutionized the approach to the management and control of Lean companies. Enhanced with extensive end-of-chapter exercises and a CD with Lean accounting tools, the second edition of this preeminent practitioners guide is now suitable for classroom use.

"A no nonsense approach to bringing continuous improvement to areas of the company not normally involved in the typical Lean implementation. Following the authors guidelines has allowed us to create an entirely new way of looking at our companys performance and has exposed many more opportunities for improvement that we never knew existed."
Mr.Roy St. Andre, Executive Vice President, EIS Wire & Cable Co
Making the Numbers Count ; The Accountant as Change Agent on the World Class Team (2nd Edition)
by Brian H. Maskell
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Read a new review of this important book on RELIABLE PLANT . from Noria

The first edition of Brian Maskell's classic work proved that when given the chance, accountants would prefer not to serve out their days as number-crunching automatons. With its energetic tone and common sense approach, the book inspired "numbers people" at all levels to be come allies in their companies' lean revolution. This book teaches how accountants can become powerful leaders their lean companies.

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