While Watching Old Movies on a Rainy Saturday …

ExecutiveSuitewPLB…I came across something amazing.

Have you got 9 Minutes? Watch this clip from the movie “Executive Suite.”  Learn how Lean was alive and well in1954!!!

Then think about the the Lean issues it points out.

Below are some Lean points I identified. (I put the Lean principle at the start of each item.) Maybe you spotted some others? Some better ones?  Write to me, and let me know what you see.

  1. FLOW – Financial improvement only comes when operational processes are made better.
  2. VALUE STREAM – We must monitor operational changes together with the financial outcomes.
  3. PERFECTION – Lean is a long-term quest for perfection. Short-term pandering to the stockholders is focusing on value to the owners. Lean companies focus on value to the customer.
  4. CUSTOMER VALUE – Executive leaders must constantly be at the place the work of producing customer value is done (the gemba.) Production, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Customer services, etc. If they spend their time in meetings , in distant conference rooms, they wind up knowing nothing of value about their company.
  5. PERFECTION – Poor quality leads to poor business.
  6. CUSTOMER VALUE – Target Costing. We must deeply understand what our various customers value and always strive to provide this value.
  7. PERFECTION & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – We must use consistent innovation to create products of value for our customers at prices they will pay.
  8. EMPOWERMENT –  (i.e. respect for people) is essential for a culture of lean improvement. When top-down management endorses anti-lean behavior (like low value products or short-term “make the month” decisions) your people will close down on you.

If it’s a rainy day where you are, and you have some more time for reading or to watch more video, here are a couple of extras that might interest you: