Brian H. Maskell

In the late 1980’s, Mr. Maskell was one of the first to introduce lean accounting to forward looking companies in the USA and Europe. As a result, BMA Inc. became a go-to consulting group for advanced manufacturers struggling to support their lean strategy with accounting, control and measurement systems that aligned with their strategy.

After leading BMA for 30 years, Brian has retired from active lean accounting training and consulting to spend time with his ever-growing family, but he remains a valuable advisor to BMA.

Brian is the author of eight books including “Practical Lean Accounting” (2004 and 2011 2nd ed.), Performance Measurements for World Class Manufacturing” (1991), “Making the Numbers Count” (1996 and 2009 2nd ed.), and the “The Lean Business Management System” (2007). He has published articles and papers in a wide range of business journals including the MIT “Sloan Management Review.” He is also an Advisory Editor for the “Journal of Cost Management”.

Brian has spoken at major industry conferences for many years and in many countries. He has presented hundreds of training classes, workshops, seminars and webinars throughout the world. He has also appeared in video presentations of Lean Accounting methods and implementation.  

Brian is a Certified Chartered Accountant, a Fellow of the American Production & Inventory Control Society, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Accountants and the Institute of Management Accountants.