Do Accounting People Get in the Way of Lean Success?

I have to sObstructionay that for most of the companies BMA works with, the answer is “NO.”  In fact, the finance people are in the forefront of moving lean forwards.  Most of our customers have hired us to help them introduce Lean Accounting.  So they are on board from the start.

I recently received an encouragingly complimentary comment about my blog on external financial reporting ( The writer – Paul Price – has a different view of the accounting people he has worked with over the years. Here’s what he wrote:

Thanks! I am a bit jaded but it seems so many posts are simply promoting services or software (although I am not against software it has always puzzled why software is so big in discussions about lean manufacturing). I was really surprised to follow the link and find such a treasure of information!

In my 20 years CI experience, I cannot count how many vibrant CI implementations have been handcuffed and produced mediocre results simply because Accounting was not on board; fought tooth & nail; hiding behind GAAP.

Great read! The link should be sent to any accounting team that is not on board any lean implementation.

What has been your experience? Let me know. I’d like to hear from you.

If you would like to read Paul’s comment and join the discussion,  go to this location on LinkedIn.  All You Ever Wanted to Know About External Reporting.