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Looking to Embark on the lean journey?

If you are a manufacturer or distributor looking to introduce the powerful and radical methods
of Lean Thinking, here’s how BMA Inc. can help:

There are three effective approaches. Depending on where your company is long the Lean Journey, one of them is right for your company.

- Plunge in with an improvement project or pilot - use a "learn by doing" approach
- Diagnose the problems and make a radical improvement plan - a "radical turnaround" approach
- Train and educate your key people - a "train the leaders" approcach

Plunge In with a Fast Kaizen Improvement Event

Many companies prefer to learn through getting the job done! BMA Inc. consultants can plunge in with you on a major improvement project or a pilot. We have on-the-ground experience with all aspects of world class and agile manufacturing and distribution methods. Let us know what you want to achieve and we can help you get the job done.

Call or email today – and let’s get started. Click to review our education, training, and consulting opportunities.

Diagnose the Problem and Make a Radical Lean Improvement Plan

BMA Inc. has diagnostic tools and consulting services to assist with making short, medium, and long term plans to "turn the company around". These diagnostics are comprehensive, practical, and firmly grounded in world class and agile manufacturing methods. These diagnostics result in big short term improvement within the framework of a strategic initiative.

Call or email us today. Click to request The Journey to Agile Manufacturing – a free diagnostic tool.

Train and Educate Your Key People

BMA Inc. has practical and powerful training classes that will educate your key people in the methods and application of world class and agile methods, and the practical implementation of these methods.

Call or email for more information. Click to review our education, training, and consulting opportunities.


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