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Stories From The Field

This page features mini case studies from real companies we work with all over the world, showing how they are effectively using Lean Accounting methods to solve real business problems.

If you would like to submit a case study for this page, please contact information@maskell.com.

Our policy about confidentiality: In recognition of the fact that financial and other company-sensitive information is required for presenting case studies and discussing the issues of lean accounting, we have established a policy for the Field Stories Page. (1) Anyone presenting information may change or disguise their company’s confidential information. (2) The information must, of course, present a true picture of the company and it’s lean accounting methods. (3) No one is required to present any information that may be confidential in nature. (4) We only use information with your permission.

#1: Using Target Costing to Increase Customer Value.
#2: Quoting Decision Without Standard Costs
#3: Value Streams for a Retail Products Manufacturer
#4: Value Streams for Plants With Many Product Families
#5: Make-Buy Decision Using Value Stream Costing
#6: Making Money from Lean Improvement
#7: Making Pricing Decisions based on Lean Accounting
#8: Value Stream Costing & Decision-Making Lead To Significant Business Growth
#9: One Company Learns About Quoting & Sourcing
#10 Making an Accounts Payable Service Center a Little More Lean

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